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Hanoi Ciputra urban area also known as Nam Thang Long urban area. This is a new urban joint venture foreign investors Indonesia and UDIC cooperation and development, construction. The project has a total area of over 300 hectares includes villas scattered in urban area mix some apartment buildings. The main emphasis of Ciputra urban area is the system of international school such as UNIS, Primary schools Singapore, along with internal transport infrastructure very good, quiet, green space, security systems…etc. significantly increases the value of this urban area than in many other urban areas.

In early 2016 Ciputra urban areas have benefited from transportation infrastructure. Specifically, the ring road 2 system connecting Nhat Tan Bridge - Vo Chi Cong road - Buoi road to Cau Giay road has been completed and put into use. The project completed has improved very active transportation connect Ciputra to other points of Hanoi center.

The transportation infrastructure elements mentioned above will impact positively on the market for rent in Ciputra when moving faster and more convenient. Ciputra project located in Tay Ho district and Bac Tu Liem district, quite close to West Lake and Red river therefore many expat select for living space. Villas in Ciputra is divided into multiple Blocks as Block G, Block C, Block D, Block T, and Block Q (Central Park Residence) Each Block will have different characteristics in architecture and area.

Apartments in block E for rent

A penthouse apartment in block E4 Ciputra, Tay Ho for rent

A penthouse apartment in block E4 Ciputra, Tay Ho for rent

Type: Apartments in block E for rentPrice: $2,000 / monthRef: VI69

Size: 210 m2, Beds: 4, Bads: 3

This apartment is located on the highest floor of Block E4 Ciputra urban, and its called a penthouse apartment. Its linked by 2 floors.

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