Ciputra Reception at apartment buildings, management and support to tenants, Security

every building there is the reception with the staff on duty 24/24 hr /day.

The staff will attend to all the questions of tenants, visitors, advise the information of the tenants, regulations, information of ciputra, services ...

If you have any problems at your apartments,, you can call to the receptionists, they will inform to the technical departments for settlement or support.

All the  monthly bills you use at the apartment will be paid at the reception desk. The receptionists will give you the consumption volume and the cost.

At the Lobby, there are some living areas for guests, you also can receive people there.

There are securities in most areas in Ciputra, they maintain the security, help local residents, children in traffic, information of the areas . At the elevators entrance, there are always securities who will help to open the elevators and sweep the card so that you can reach to you expected floor.

The management office is near the apartment buildings, if any problems at your apartments, you can inform to receptionists, the technical staff from management office will come to your apartments to attend immediately.

The services team at Ciputra apartments are helpful and polite, they keep the building services good and efficient !

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